Women’s Enterprise Policy Group

Shaping inclusive enterprise policy to shape the future

Who are we?

The Women’s Enterprise Policy Group (WEPG) is a partnership shaping inclusive enterprise policy. We share research and practice evidence about responsible enterprise policy that enables women, and campaign for this to shape UK and devolved government and regional policy.

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Our aims for 2023 – 2025

– To continue to inform women’s enterprise policy at a local, national, and international level by utilising the extensive expertise of WEPG members and wider stakeholders.

– To contribute and support the development of women’s enterprise research and evidence through cross-sector and discipline collaborations.

– To promote and support change-making initiatives that will create meaningful and measurable impact for women’s enterprise.

– To lobby for more large-scale investment in the development and expansion of the women’s enterprise support ecosystem.


The Women’s Enterprise Policy Group is led by a Steering Group from across a range of Academic Institutions and Women’s Business Support Practitioners. For more details of the Steering Group, please contact us.