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‘Manifesto for Accelerating Action’ launched as gender gap in enterprise widens

‘Manifesto for Accelerating Action’ launched as gender gap in enterprise widens – Scottish Business News

Here are five ways the next UK government could support female entrepreneurs

Here are five ways the next UK government could support female entrepreneurs (

Women’s enterprise Scotland calls for urgent end to structural discrimination faced by female led businesses


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Female founders seek remedies to lack of backers

Amid higher inflation and macroeconomic uncertainty, women continue to set up and expand businesses. Yet female founders’ share of funds from backers remains stubbornly low.

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Why are female founders only getting 6% of VC funding?

Despite there being more female founders than ever before, but according to the British Bank, for every £1 of equity investment in the UK in 2021, all-female-founder teams received just 2p.

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GSER 2023 Launching June 15

GSER is the world’s most comprehensive research on startups, with data from over 3.5 million companies across 390+ entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems.

You can now sign up to receive the report on launch day.

The gender funding gap: small strides to equality, but are investors doing enough?


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GEM New Research Highlights Women’s Entrepreneurship Trends Across The Globe

The report highlights the gender composition of startups, pandemic impacts on male and female entrepreneurs and structural and environmental inequalities that need to be addressed on a policy level.

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Women entrepreneurs create record number of new UK companies in 2022, finds Rose Review

An article by the Pioneer Post reports on research led by Alison Rose of NatWest celebrating the entrepreneurialism and resilience of women founders.


Rose Review reports third year of progress

The Rose Review originally highlighted that if women started and scaled new businesses at the same rate as men, up to £250bn of new value could be added to the UK economy. Today’s Progress Report outlines progress made against targets and initiatives but cautions that there is still more to do.


The Pandemic

The pandemic has widened the funding gap for women entrepreneurs, new report finds

A new study for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2020 shows that Covid has created a more challenging environment for female-led start-ups.

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Entrepreneurship “in jeopardy” after hitting new high pre-Covid

Professor Mark Hart of Aston Business School said the exclusion of three million people from Government support schemes since March was “chipping away at the foundations of our enterprise economy.”

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Social enterprises can change entire industries. This is how

The global economy needs to undergo a broad and far-reaching sustainability transition to overcome the social and environmental challenges mankind is facing.

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Future Fund Publishes Diversity Data of Companies Receiving Convertible Loan Agreements

The Resolution Foundation estimates that over one-third of Britain’s five million self-employed people may have to stop working either because they work in sectors most heavily affected by social distancing, or in order to care for children who would have otherwise been at school.

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Action Needed to Help Women’s Enterprise and Avoid Economic Catastrophe

Women need immediate action to prevent a “catastrophic” social and economic end to the year as they face bearing the brunt of job losses and business closures, it’s been claimed.

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Gender pay gap at its widest among women in their 50s

The analysis, which was conducted by Rest Less – a career and advice website for the over-50s – examined data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and revealed that women’s salaries in this age bracket are 28 per cent, or £12,509, lower than men’s.